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Picture of Stewart Stewart first found Bowen Therapy after suffering with a bad back that a long line of other therapies couldn't fix. His experience was so good that Stewart needed to know how it worked and he started on his Bowen journey whilst still working his day job. The rest is history as they say.

Considering it's gentleness and simplicity, Bowen Therapy is amazingly effective against practically any health problem. The average number of treatments needed to overcome most issues is three, although some more deep-rooted problems may require more. Compare this to almost any other natural therapy and you can see what a wonderful legacy Mr Tom Bowen left us. Bowen is good for every body.

Whether you have joint or muscular aches & pains or something more systemic like arthritis, Bowen Therapy can help. In fact, Bowen can help with many diverse conditions such as headache & migraine, period pain & irregularity, digestive and respiratory issues just to name a few.

A Bowen Treatment is very gentle and can be performed on anyone from babies to the elderly. In fact, Stewart performed Bowen on his youngest son when he was less than a minute old. He was delivered full breech and Stewart was concerned about his breathing and his hips. He's happy to say that these haven't been a problem to him since.

Many people who have body scans, such as X-ray or MRI, don't understand the implications of the report and doctors aren't good at explaining what is going on for you. If this is your experience, bring in your scan report to Stewart and he can give you a plain English explanation of the report and suggest a treatment plan to help overcome your pain or discomfort.

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Stewart also runs a very successful course to help you get rid of ectopic heartbeats. You can check it out HERE


My first experience with Kinesiology was when I was searching for healing for my young son, James. During infancy I noticed James had a constant cold that never seemed to heal itself. I had taken him to a natural therapist who simply advised me to give him a course of Vitamin C. Neither the consultation nor treatment inspired my confidence and I gave up. As he grew James became more and more hyperactive in style. We thought it was “just him – that’s our James”. Then one day I was offered a Kinesiology balance for him. The practitioner identified James’ symptoms and behaviour as an allergy response. After clearing his over-sensitivity to just about everything (dairy, sugar, honey, eggs, additives and preservatives, and clothing dyes), we began to work on the cause. We could always tell when we had made a mistake because suddenly his “climbing the walls behaviour” would come back. Not only did the treatments bring vast improvements in his allergies, it also helped us deal with the emotional stress of family relationships.

Inspiring Results

Before I knew it I was looking for my own emotional healing, and then studying for practitioner status. It’s funny how sometimes you just know you’re in the right place at the right time. It is a wonderfully rewarding career in an amazing field of powerful healing without the use of drugs or other Band-Aid or crutch-like substances. Seeing my clients make changes in their lives that they never thought possible is exciting and inspiring. Having the opportunity to use my gifts of insight, enthusiasm and passion to help others heal is a wonderful privilege for me.

As a result of having Kinesiology in my life I feel healthier than ever, finding much needed balance in many different ways – emotionally, physically, spiritually and even financially. The thing about obtaining balance is that life doesn’t stagnate. Always there is potential for growth. So even as I have dealt with my difficult issues, always I am challenged to continue to move forward in life.



My name is Sophia Williams-Martin and I find beauty in working with people from all walks of life. My aim through Kinesiology is to promote health, education and self-responsibility for you to access your wisdom to reach your goal.

By understanding and accepting our patterns and habits we can choose to create meaningful change that is supportive, healthy and life embracing -whether this is nutritional, emotional or physical.

My clinic is based around women’s health, children, special needs, the Arts and the environment with a background in Special Education and the Arts (17 years) and Art Therapy (5 years).

I am passionate about supporting people to shine their brightest and know that Kinesiology can create significant change for a person to achieve that. My first Kinesiology session supported me to find a different angle in a situation that I had been stuck in for years and the joy in being able to be in that same space and no longer react and ‘just be’ was life changing.

In 2015, I completed my Certificate 4 and now, in 2017, I am continuing my journey by studying for my Diploma in Kinesiology.

Kinesiology is a key for you to be the change you want to see because at the centre of your being you have the answer, you know who you are and you know what you want – Kinesiology can support you to get there.

Bowen Therapy

An excellent remedial therapy for all your aches and pains. It can also be very relaxing.

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A great modality for fixing your aches & pains and getting your head in the right place.

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Many of our clients leave and tell their friends "You gotta try these guys".

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