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Bruce Beet of Ferntree Gully (Arthritis)

The Problem.
In early 2002 at the age of 67, I was working with a spade in the garden when I jarred my left hand and wrist quite badly. Subsequently it became extremely sore, weak and swollen and I began to wear a support for comfort.

For many years previously I had coped with arthritic fingers and thumbs of both hands but my day-to-day life had not been interrupted.

I sought the help of an osteopath however after some months of treatment to the injury I found it unsatisfactory.

My doctor prescribed anti-inflammatory medication for swelling and pain. I was then referred on to a rheumatologist, and following an MRI and X-Rays, cortisone was injected directly into the affected part of my wrist. The swelling on top of the hand started to become a major concern.

In April 2005 I stopped medicating with the anti-inflammatory because of undesirable side effects. The medication had also had no effect on the swelling.

After eighteen months of light relief with the Cortisone treatment, a second injection was given and at that point I was referred on to a plastic surgeon for a biopsy consultation where surgery was also discussed. Neither has occurred. The surgeon requested a second opinion in June 2005. I was then referred on to an orthopaedic surgeon who amended the original diagnosis of osteoarthritis to one of inflammatory arthritis, a degenerative disease. His considered opinion is that my right hand is in danger of being affected in the same way.

All three specialists are currently conferring, regarding possible future surgery, which I would prefer to avoid.

Otherwise, my general health is very good.

Before Treatment by Bowen.
Bowen Therapy came to my attention through the ABC TV programme ‘Second Opinion’. I was impressed when hearing of the response of a patient to the treatment.

I kept an open mind when I made my first appointment with Stewart Gatenby in mid-July 2005.

At this point I was suffering very serious pain in my wrist and hand, causing a kind of paralysis at times and I was constantly relying on strong painkillers to alleviate the symptoms.

I had difficulty putting on and taking off any clothing that needed to go over my head. Bathing under the shower caused me to rely on my right hand and arm, because of the inflexibility of my left hand. I found my sleep was also being disturbed because of the pain.

First Treatment.
Before the treatment commenced it was clearly explained to me what was to happen during the treatment. I was intrigued by the process, because there was very little physical contact by the practitioner. I became very relaxed throughout the session and Stewart Gatenby was very re-assuring that he would be able to help my body to begin healing itself. That aspect was surprising to me although it echoed what I had heard on the television program. I went away with the hope that it would work for me.

Benefits of the Treatment.
After the first treatment, I didn’t need painkillers the next day, nor since and I have now had four treatments. The pain has reduced in intensity and has continued to reduce ever since. The feeling of paralysis went away during the first week and has not returned.

After the third treatment, my wrist movement improved, and has been less painful with better mobility following the fourth treatment. It seems the swelling is less of a concern and now I have improved ability with dressing. My bathing routine is better than before and I am not having my sleep interrupted from pain.

However, I have noted that during extremely cold weather there has been some pain return.

There are many times when I am almost able to forget the wrist problem exists.

I intend continuing with the treatment. Bowen Therapy has been a revelation to me, and I am grateful for the help given by Stewart Gatenby.

Yours faithfully,

Bruce W. Beet
17 August 2005

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Charles Tako, 31 of Doveton (Asthma)

I've had asthma for about 3 years. I used to play a lot of soccer and basketball but the asthma has stopped me from playing sport. The Bowen treatments helped to relieve the asthma while I tried the breathing exercises. I find I now have control over the asthma.

Charles Tako

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Karen Ritterjork, 36 of Ferntree Gully, Vic (Neck Restriction)

My neck has been really good since the last visit.  Thank you Stewart.


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T. L. 27 of Rowville, Vic (Panic Attacks & Anxiety)

I had tried nearly every other natural therapy to help with my adrenal exhaustion, chronic fatigue, anxiety and panic attacks. Kinesiology has helped immensely to clear emotional blockages that were hindering my health and to help me move forward and realise my strengths.

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Cathy of Point Vernon, QLD (Relationship)

Hi Susan,
I just wanted to say thank you. For the first time in months i have had restful sleep.I still have a few tummy knots but in general I feel great. The tears have stopped. I can't wait until friday, see you then.

Thanks again

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Wendy K, 35 of Wantirna, Vic (Personal growth - Self Esteem)

I enjoyed the session on Saturday morning, and feel better than before.  It was different to anything that I have tried before though surprisingly reawakening. I'm feeling better about myself and I've been feeling pretty positive. I feel more confident within myself and less need to argue with others.

Wendy K

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Joan Hampton of Upper Ferntree Gully VIC (Shoulder Surgery Recovery)

The Problem
As the result of a bad fall in April 2005, I sustained a torn tendon in my right shoulder. I made an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon who advised a wait of a few weeks as this type of injury sometimes mends itself. However by the June it was obvious this self-healing was not going to happen and I had an operation in June 2005.

Before Treatment with Bowen
After several visits the surgeon advised that he was pleased with my progress but cautioned that the type of injury I received was very painful and long lasting, but that it would heal in time.

Bowen Treatment
In an effort to help myself in the healing process, I decided to commence some treatments of Bowen therapy. As the treatment continued I experienced great relief from the gentle manipulation and am now able to use my arm almost to full capacity. I am able to drive, peg my clothes on the line and perform all the necessary household jobs, which hitherto I was unable to do. I wish to thank Stewart for his help in administering the Bowen Therapy and getting my arm almost back to normal.

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Linda of Pialba, QLD (Stress)

Hi Susan,
Just a quick note to thank you so much for last Thursday. I have been so much better – on a high!

Got heaps done around the house & generally feel great. I’ll be back for sure.

Again thank you – you are both angels.

Love, Linda

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Michael S, 43 of Gold Coast, QLD (Neck restriction)

G’day Stewart,

Your treatment worked fantastically well. 24 hours later I was moving my neck without too much pain at all. Another day of stretches had it completely gone.

Sorry I didn’t call to let you know. Time got away and the next thing I knew I was really enjoying my holiday.

Thanks again

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M. Ibbetson, Maryborough, QLD (General wellbeing & Fertility)

I had tried many treatments with Doctors, Naturopaths, Councillors and physiotherapists for a number of issues. I eventually lost hope that I would ever be free again of my illnesses. Thankfully my husband took me to see Stewart to try Bowen Therapy.

I was unaware that Bowen could help on so many different levels. I was of the belief that Bowen was a treatment for physical pain only. I was so wrong.>/p>

I had an undiagnosed illness for many years and although I was finally diagnosed and treated I was still experiencing many of the discomforts. I felt at a loss and thought where to from here? I felt hopeless. Further to this I had been emotionally scarred by a family member and although I had been to see councillors, I also felt as though I was unable to move forward. I had also had a car accident and had injured my neck and lower back, knee, arm and jaw. Further to this my Husband and I had been trying to fall pregnant for 4 years. By the time I saw Stewart I was a sobbing mess.

Stewart not only had a way of listening and applying his craft but he made both myself and my husband feel at ease and comfortable. Stewart never once judged me and he was always so positive ensuring me that I would be able to move past all of my problems both physical and emotional. I was sceptical, how could any treatment help me with such a varying bunch of conditions.

After the enormous pain relief I felt from the first two sessions I was encouraged to keep attending. I had physiotherapy in the past however it left me in more pain. With the gentle movements of Bowen and with Stewart so skilled to apply his craft I looked forward to each session. I found the treatment had a flow on effect. The less pain I was in the more positive I became.

Stewart explained to me that Bowen would also help with my emotions. On about the fourth visit I attended Stewart smiling and laughing and everyone around me agreed I looked different. I felt a weight was lifting from my shoulders. I was able to see a difference in photographs too, instead of the strained smiles of the past I was really smiling. For the first time in a long time I could feel true happy emotions.

It is amazing how all the physical and emotional pain was lifted from me by Stewart in what seems like a miracle. It has been truly amazing. Stewart seemed to peel off one bad layer after another. He even surfaced and unearthed old injuries and banished the pain and the physical memory from me.

In the greatest of all Stewart's achievements My Husband and I have now conceived and are nine weeks pregnant.

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