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Last updated Tuesday 9th January 2018

Program Updated 9th January 2018

Looking For A Way To Overcome
Your Ectopic Heartbeat?...

..Breathe Easy Therapies
Has The Answer!

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"A few years ago I suffered from an Ectopic Heartbeat... If you also suffer from this, you will know just how scary it can be.

I used to lie awake in bed at night because they would stop me sleeping. I used to worry that the missed beats would be with me forever and that they would continue to get worse.

The scary part of it all for me was feeling the ectopic heartbeat in my chest. There was a sudden eerie silence that lasted probably only half a second, but felt to me like an eternity and I was never completely sure that it would start again. But when it did, it started with a huge thud.

What was even worse for me and for fellow sufferers is that other people don't seem to understand what you're going through. Doctors seem to be less than sympathetic and family and friends just don't seem to get it. As far as they are concerned, you are well. After all, the doctor said your heart was fine - didn't he? As understanding as they are, your continued attacks tend to wear thin with them after a while.

But with this very simple, but extremely powerful breathing and lifestyle program that's backed by science and years of personal research, I've taken back my life...

And now I want to show you how you can stop living in fear, get your irregular heartbeat under control, and do it all without resorting to drugs"

Marie is thankful she found the Breathe Easy Program...

"I have had an ectopic heart beat problem for 9 years.

Initially, I chose to live with it as it didn't cause me too much bother and a cardiologist I was referred to assured me it was benign.

In 2016 it got worse with shortness of breath and lightheadedness that I hadn't experienced before. I visited the cardiologist again and had all the normal tests including a 24 hour Holter monitor test which recorded on average 1 ectopic beat in every 4 heartbeats, which he said was quite bad. He was suggesting medication, but I wanted to leave it for a bit to see if it would improve by itself.

I began looking on the Internet for information on the problem and came across the Breathe Easy Programme. It rang so true with me, I couldn't believe it. I felt I had nothing to lose by purchasing it, as it wasn't very expensive.

Using the programme I have reduced my ectopic beats enormously, and am sure I could eliminate them all together if I took the time to follow it more religiously. It no longer dominates my life.

It was so helpful to learn the triggers that make the ectopic beats worse. For me, the tips on stress has made a big difference, and I have been able to identify certain foods that I should avoid.

I have followed the guidelines for nighttime sleep every night since I received the programme, and it has worked so well.

Stewart, I can't thank you enough for giving me back my good health!

Many thanks,"

Marie McCoy
New Zealand, January 2018


Hi, my name is Stewart Gatenby

You're reading this page because you have some kind of irregular heartbeat. You may know it as...

Premature ventricular contractions Premature ventricular contractions
ectopic heartbeat Ectopic heartbeat
palpitations Palpitations
missed beats Missed beats
arrhythmias Arrhythmia
skipped heart beats Skipped heart beats
extra beats Extra beats

...They all have a few things in common.
They are unpredictable, there is nothing that your doctor can do about them, and they are as scary as hell.


I Bet My Story Is A Lot Like Yours

In 1998, at the age of 36, I started playing indoor soccer again after a 3-year break. There were two things I noticed after my first game. The first was that I was wheezing like an asthmatic. And secondly that my heart started to miss beats. That was something completely unexpected and absolutely terrifying to say the least.

I couldn't understand why it was happening to me. I thought that I was reasonably fit and healthy. Surely this kind of thing only happened to unfit people with bad hearts. I didn't fit into my imagined profile of what a likely candidate would be.

It even happened once or twice whilst I was driving home from soccer. That scared me because I thought that I might collapse at the wheel and crash!

I could live with the wheezing, particularly as it quickly lessened as I became fitter. The skipped heartbeat was a different story. It very quickly became a great worry to me, as it seemed to be getting worse every day. After a number of visits to my local doctor, I eventually saw a cardiologist who had me wear a halter monitor for 24 hours. After analyzing the readout, he told me I had an ectopic heartbeat.


My Specialist Told Me To Just
"Live With Your Ectopic Beats "...

An ectopic heartbeat is where the signal for the heart to beat doesn't come from the usual place and it experiences an inefficient 'non-beat' followed by a pause then a powerful contraction that feels like a thud in the chest. He told me that I would probably have it for the rest of my life but that it wouldn’t kill me... Not a very encouraging thing to say!

That diagnosis wasn’t very helpful as I was completely terrified each time it happened. When my heart missed a beat, I noticed an eerie silence in my body. I never before acknowledged the background “humming” in my ears until it wasn’t there.

I got used to lying awake at night, worrying about the ectopic beats. Would they be with me forever. Could they turn into something more sinister? Could I die from them? I used to avoid lying on my side in case I heard my heartbeat in my ear becasue I couldn't bear to hear the missed beats.

I couldn't handle life as it was. It was getting me down. I stopped doing a lot of things that I enjoyed for fear that they would bring on another episode. I was making decisions based on what could happen to my heart rather than what I love to do.

This is when I made up my mind to change things. I was determined to do something to help myself.


I Was Desperate To Find An Answer
To My Ectopic Beats

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. That's not the half of it! I tried some pretty weird and wonderful things in my attempt to rid myself of this problem.

I trawled all of the heart-related forums that I could find on the Internet. Whilst I didn't find a cure there, I did find a lot of people in a similar situation to me. Some were quite accepting of their lot in life but some were desperate and their stories were heartbreaking.

In these forums I found many different ways that people had found to at least lessen their symptoms and over a period of some months, I tried the lot. From stopping drinking caffeine and alcohol to supplementing calcium, magnesium and/or herbal supplements, from meditating to squeezing the chest during an attack.

Some of these seemed to work for a while. Some had absolutely no effect whatsoever. This was just a dead end for me and I felt lost and hopeless....


I Used My Training In Health Science
To Begin Running Tests On Myself

I have a background in health science and at the time of the first attacks, I was in training to be a natural therapist. Consequently I was brushing up on my anatomy & physiology and with the contacts I was making, I had a lot of different resources to call upon.

I found myself analyzing what was going on in my body and testing my theories against actual effects on my heart rhythm.

In the case of indoor soccer, I had the symptoms when I was still breathing heavily but not running hard any more. In the case of the attacks during bouts of anxiety and stress, adrenalin had kicked in and had increased my breathing and heart rate.

The common theme was that my lungs and heart were working hard but my body was not. I was experiencing disordered breathing

Following on from this realization, I further explored the effect of breathing rate and technique on my body.


How I Turned My Ectopic Heartbeat
On And Off -- Just Like A Light Switch!

Amazingly, I found that most of the time I could turn the ectopic heartbeat on and off, depending upon how I breathed! Now I was getting somewhere.

This started me searching out information in libraries, bookshops, the Internet and my colleagues to further develop my ideas. I must admit that information was scarce and patchy but I found enough scientific information to support my findings.

What I also found through my research was that there were other health problems that could be helped by correct breathing techniques such as Asthma, Emphysema, Sleep Apnea, Snoring, Hypertension, and Angina among others.

I took what I had found and married it to already proven breathing techniques. I then applied it to myself in the form of a breathing exercise regime.

Again, this worked for a while but it wasn't the whole answer but I knew that I was on the right track. Frustratingly, there was still something missing.


The Missing Puzzle Piece That Finally
Eliminated My Ectopic Heartbeat!

Another six months or so later of painstaking research and trial & error and I had the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle. Success!! I was able to finally eliminate the ectopic heartbeat I had and I can truthfully say that I haven't missed a beat since (pardon the pun).

Since those early days, I have taken all of this information and distilled it down into an eight-module Breathe Easy Program so that I could help other people overcome their health problems too.

Not only will it work for ectopic heartbeat but it will also work for all other stress, diet and environment induced heart irregularities.

It has worked for me. It has worked for hundreds of other people too and so I know that it can work for you. I have also helped numerous people in my private clinics previously in Melbourne and now in Hervey Bay and I know that it has so far been 100% effective in that setting. I have now been selling it as a download for more than 8 years to sufferers who cannot visit me in the clinic - with amazing success.

Now in it's sixth edition, updated in February 2014 with a brand new module on the amazing benefits of Omega-3 oils and expanded section on exercise and fitness training for people who suffer with ectopics.

This program works on the cause of these heart-related problems, not by masking the symptoms with drugs.

Charmaine was so grateful that she found the Breathe Easy Program...

"It is with immense relief and a grateful heart (quite literally) that I sit and write this testimonial. I did not think I'd ever be in control and finally free of my dreaded ectopics, until I found your Breathe Easy Program.

Although tests proved the ectopics were benign I was caught in the throes of worrying about them and of course the more I worried the more they came on with full force. Being told to "stop worrying and learn to live with it" was the only solution my doctor had to offer. Meanwhile living in constant fear of having to experience the shocking spasms, thuds and bangs followed by dizziness that nearly had me passing out, had me at wits end. Daily attacks and sleepless nights left me exhausted. The terrifying ectopics had taken over my life.

One evening after a particularly bad attack and desperately searching the internet for some answers, I came upon your website offering the Breathe Easy Program. I read how successful it was in helping others and wondered could I possibly be helped too?? The more I read on the more I dared to hope.... It felt like the proverbial "light at the end of the tunnel".... I knew I had to purchase it immediately, and without a doubt I have to say it was the best decision I ever made.

It has been a few weeks now and after mastering the daily breathing exercises I am utterly amazed to find it really does work! The ectopics have all but disappeared! There are no words to explain the utter joy and relief of finally being in control and feeling well again.

I cannot thank you enough for being inspired to write this Program, it has been a true blessing to both me and my family."

May God Bless you.
Charmaine Tobias, June 2017


Now Let Me Show You How I Got Rid Of My
Ectopic Heartbeat!

...With This Very Simple Breathing Program!

You will be amazed at how easy it is to free yourself of the burden of daily medications and symptoms. The effects of the breathing program that I'm about to describe are far-reaching and can improve not only your ability to breathe freely but also the overall quality of your life. At the end of this program you could be able to:

eliminate arrhythmia symptoms Eliminate arrhythmia symptoms with the need for beta blockers reducing in line with your improvement. Not only will you feel more confident about your lack of symptoms, you will also remove any detrimental side effects from your current medications.
reduce symptoms of anxiety Reduce symptoms of anxiety. Feel lighter and less burdened by life. See the light at the end of the tunnel.
Normalise your pulse and blood pressure Normalise your pulse and blood pressure. Many people suffering from irregular heartbeat also suffer from hypertension. Reducing your blood pressure also reduces your risk of heart disease.
ease your tight chest and breathlessness Ease your tight chest and breathlessness. Once you start breathing freely, you will wonder how you ever managed before.
finally stop worrying about what you eat and drink Finally stop worrying about what you eat and drink. Many symptoms are triggered by caffeine, alcohol or even overeating. Stop being a slave to your diet.
bring new hope into your life Bring new hope and light into your life. Finally feel free to get on with your life. No worries!

Once you have this program downloaded onto your hard drive, there is nothing further to buy, no drugs, no vitamins, no supplements.

Tania had a great result with the program...

"I had suffered with ectopic heartbeats for about 2 years and they occurred more or less all day, every day, particularly after eating, bending or lying down, or when I was tired (which was often as I suffered with Chronic Fatigue).

I was in so much distress with the fluttering in my chest, throbbing in my stomach, up my neck and a pressure up to my head. I was left feeling very dizzy, breathless, faint and often sick. So as you can imagine my life was unbearable, I never went out, I couldn’t work and the doctors basically said there was no help, it wasn’t life threatening and I had to live with it. I had tried Propanalol (beta-blocker) taking the highest dose 4 times a day and they did not help in any way.

I can’t thank Stewart enough for creating ‘The Breathe Easy Program’, I will be eternally grateful for how it has changed my life. I now hardly ever experience the ectopics and when I do I can guarantee it is because I haven’t been breathing properly. The changes didn’t happen over night but I can definitely say that after the first week of following the program I could notice a significant difference. Thank you once again Stewart for giving me my life back!"

Tania Ferries, UK, 29 May 2012
To read the full testimonial, please click here


This Unique Program Addresses The Cause Of Your
Ectopic Beats, Not The Symptoms

Western medicine has no cure for ectopic heartbeats but this program gives you complete freedom from the day to day symptoms. How does that sound?

In my experience, prescription drugs and other natural treatments are not as effective as the Breathe Easy Program because they do not address the root cause of your irregular heartbeat - they only address the symptoms.

The treatment offered in my program addresses the cause of your problem.

Please note: Even if you are feeling better because of this program, do not discontinue or reduce your prescription medication without first consultating with your doctor. To stop taking medication suddenly or change the dosage without your doctor's advice can be dangerous. You don't need to stop your medication to experience the benefits of this program.

See how Chris from Ireland took his life back....

On the 8th of April 2017, fed up with worsening ectopic heartbeats and the wait and see approach of the medical profession, I started on The Breathe Easy Program (BEP).

It took some time to get the Breathing Exercises right but I persisted. Now, just over 4 months on I feel I have my life back to something very close to normality.

Before the BEP, walking uphill, standing up too quickly, eating late and lying down could set off an incident. Even small amounts of alcohol definitely would.

Now I can tolerate moderate alcohol, a couple of glasses of wine or 3 or 4 beers. However, I not yet entirely incident free. One Saturday night recently, having eaten and drank late I was ectopic the following morning. But even this was a much milder episode than previously would have been the case.

I do the RBE at least three times and will continue to as the benefits are great and I no longer live in dread.



Finally, You Can Stop Living In Fear

This program is all about handing control back to you.

You will be able to take an active role in achieving a symptom-free life for yourself.

This is a unique, drug-free therapy that has its foundations firmly in science. In my clinic, it consists of eight modules that are taught in five sessions over five weeks. Once you buy this program online, you can take it at your own pace.

The exercises are simple to do and results can be seen quickly, often in just a few days. Then all you have to do is make a habit of breathing well and you can start enjoying life again rather than worrying about the next attack.

What this means for you is that you can take control of your life now, rather than being a slave to your symptoms.

See how Patrick overcame his symptoms....

"Hi Stewart,
The Ectopic beats as the Doc calls them have dramatically reduced and some days I don't get any. I used to get them every 20 secs! I am very aware of my breathing patterns now particularly in stressful situations.

Your course gave me hope also which helped a lot as I felt I was in control and doing something about it."

Best Regards
Patrick McNamee, 11 September 2008
To read the full testimonial, please click here


How This Remarkable Program Works

Our body didn’t come with an instruction manual. No-one taught us how to breathe, we just do it instinctively.

The Breathe Easy Program works on the premise that we sufferers are breathing incorrectly and that the oxygen- carbon dioxide ratio in our lungs is out of balance.

When you are in a pattern of disordered breathing, your internal blood chemistry swings out of balance and the body’s defence mechanisms are triggered into action. These mechanisms will be different for each person according to their particular predisposition to illness. Hence different symptoms are displayed and are diagnosed differently.

In your case, you are predisposed to some form of irregular heartbeat and these are the symptoms that you are now suffering from.

The breathing exercises in this program restore your breathing patterns to normal levels. Through this, you restore your body's carbon dioxide levels and bring yourself back into correct chemical balance.

There are many different reasons why your breathing can swing out of balance and this program deals with them all to restore normal patterns. There are also many lifestyle factors that interfere with good breathing habits and these too are addressed in the program.

Kerrin had a great result with Bowen Therapy and the breathing program

"Dear Stewart,
When I first walked into your clinic my whole rib cage was like a steel trap and my neck was locked and I was in considerable pain.

I had no idea how powerful your treatment would be. With your expertise in reading my body's needs I felt my muscles release and relax and the tension fall away.

After treatment I had my first full night's sleep. The tightness in my back and neck had released and I felt better within myself. Thank you. I am extremely grateful. "

Yours faithfully
Kerrin Pacey, 24 October 2008 To read the full testimonial, please click here


Can You Imagine Being Symptom & Medication-Free?

The essence of the course I teach in my clinic has been compiled and written in an easy to understand style. Some of the topics covered in this program are:

how can this program help me How can this program help me? Provides a brief overview of the information laid out in the five modules and how you can get the best out of them.
current health assessment Current health assessment. This takes a snapshot of where you are right now. Then you can compare day by day and see your improvement grow on the supplied Progress Chart.
relaxation breathing exercise Relaxation breathing exercise. This is the first step on your road back to a normal life again.
dietary recommendations Dietary recommendations. Many people are affected by different foods. By following the guidelines in this section, you can accelerate your improvements by identifying and avoiding specific food groups that irritate you.
role of carbon dioxide in the body Role of carbon dioxide in the body. Tells you the little-known facts of how vital carbon dioxide is to your body.
controlled breathing exercise Controlled breathing exercise. This is the powerhouse of the program. It brings your body back to optimum balance.
causes of hyperventilation Causes of hyperventilation. Knowing the causes of bad breathing habits is powerful information to help keep you free of symptoms for life.
stress control Stress control. Stress is a big contributing factor to heart irregularities. Module Four describes in detail how to beat stress, even at work.
better breathing habits Better breathing habits. The final part of the program brings it all together and teaches you anatomically correct breathing techniques.
New module on Omega-3 oils New module on omega-3 oils. Painstakingly researched information to show you how they can benefit you, what you need, what you need to avoid and how to get hold of the best oil on the market.
Expanded section on exercise and training Expanded section on exercise and fitness training. Guides you through the do's and don't's of fitness training when you suffer with ectopics and how you can avoid ectopics after training.

Cheryl thought herself lucky she found the BreatheEasy site.

Hi Stewart,

When I first started the programme I was desperate - The ectopic heartbeats were sending me crazy. I had spent hours on the net researching everything from the food you ate, to the drinks, medication -  I tried everything.

Lucky for me the breatheeasy site came up and the rest is history. I could not believe what I was reading was exactly me, same story, same symptoms. So I thought, nothing to lose, give it a try.

After the exercises my life returned to normal and it feels so good. I now know the symptoms of stress and how to alleviate the problem.

Finally Stewart, thankyou for giving me my life back.

To anyone reading this ...give it a go works .....You have nothing to lose ...lots to gain

Thanks Stewart ............

Cheryl ...Vic, 5 June 2009 To read the full testimonial, please click here


Order Your Breathe Easy Program Now!

Overcome your ectopic heartbeat with this ebook

The Breathe Easy Program can be delivered directly to your email inbox in PDF format!

For a small investment, you can be free of your symptoms for life. If you are suffering from the worry and torment of an Irregular Heartbeat don't hesitate. Order now from the link below and start getting your life back on track.

The Breathe Easy Program gives you:

five module course An eight-module course in 108 pages that has taken years to research, test and compile.
scientific basis of the breathe easy program The scientific basis of the program, laid out in as much detail as you can handle!
Information on ECG interpretation Information on heart anatomy & physiology, the physiology of arrhythmias and recent information on omega-3 oils.
promise of savings The promise of savings to be made on visits to specialists and on drugs that will no longer be needed.
take back control of your life The power for you to take back control of your own life.


How much does it cost?

Or look at it another way - how much would you be willing to pay to get your life back?

When I see clients in my clinic here in Hervey Bay for ectopic heartbeat, it costs them $70 per session and they need to see me five times. That's $350 in total.

So rather than $350, buy this program today, for less than the cost of one treatment, and pay only $47(Australian Dollars). That's it! Nothing more. There are no add-ons, no supplements to buy, no extra gizmos. All that you need to get your life back on track is included in this program.

You can order and download the Breathe Easy Program in a number of ways for your convenience as you can see below but the easiest is by clicking on the Secure "Buy Now" link below and you can be starting this program within minutes of receiving it.

Your personal credit card information is 100% safe and secure and you will get instant access to a PDF copy of this life-changing program, even if it's 3.00 AM on Sunday morning.


Read about how Aaron took back his life....

"For as long as I can remember I have experienced atrial ectopic beats. Usually they occurred a few times a week. Last year they began to worsen, to the point where I was having thousands a day.

I found the Breathe Easy program, and although admittedly skeptical, I had nothing to lose and decided to give it a try.

The program itself is easy to work through with all instructions clearly written. After two weeks I began to notice that my ectopic beats were occurring with less frequency. I have now finished the program and I'm glad to say that my ectopic beats are almost non-existent.

Aaron Cusack, 5 September 2008
To read the full testimonial, please click here


I Know What It's Like To Be In Your Shoes

This is an active website hosted by myself and I know what it's like to be in your shoes and I care about you and your problem. I have suffered with Ectopic Heartbeat and I know how scary it is. I also know how skeptical you can get about supposed cures or promises that you see on the Internet.

I can offer you the assurance that we are a real-life natural therapies business here in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia. You can find us using Google maps.

I fixed my ectopic heartbeat many years ago and to this day, I still am free of the symptoms. I live a “normal” life. I don’t watch what I eat or what I do for fear of getting a missed heartbeat but I do know when I start slipping back - I start snoring (so I am told :-) ) and I wake up breathing heavily. At these times, all I do is start the breathing exercises from module 2 and I am back on the straight and narrow. Simple.

Try the program. When it works for you, you will get your life back. I really think that even after completing the first module you will start feeling more confident and empowered and those missed heartbeats will start to be a thing of the past.

For extra confidence, you can upgrade your order to include 3 months of Email support. If, during this time, you have any questions about the content of the program, you can send me an Email and I usually reply within one working day.


Share Leanne's excitement in spending Christmas 2009 (almost) symptom-free....

"Hi Stewart I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that,even though I am only a few days into the program, already my ectopic beats have settled.

I am absolutely ecstatic that this is working! Fingers crossed that with more breathing it will completely subside.

Honestly, I am truly amazed at how quickly this is working.. Just when I thought I was stuck with this horrible feeling in my throat and chest day in day out, it has settled to a point where I have only felt several a day.. Amazing!!!

Thank you for giving me back a little piece of me! Have a wonderful Christmas (I know that I now will!)

Leanne Versteeg, Age 30, Prestons, NSW


Order Here to start your new symptom-free life.

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How to Order

You can purchase the Breathe Easy Program as a downloadable file in PDF format or you can have a colour printed and comb-bound copy mailed to your home address. Choose from the options below. Pricing is in Australian Dollars.

If you are the kind of person that likes to ask questions or would prefer to have someone walking with you through the program, then I recommend that you take up the email support option. This gives you 3 months in which to ask questions about any aspect of the program as you are progressing through it and to get valuable support and encouragement. If you feel you need some face-to-face help, you can also buy the video link support option using either Skype or Face-Time.

Delivery Options (Choose Only One) Cost  
Digital Download in PDF Format $47.00
Comb-Bound Hard Copy Mailed to Australia $63.00
Comb-Bound Hard Copy Mailed to Oceania/Asia $72.00
Comb-Bound Hard Copy Mailed to Rest of the world $77.00
Support Option (You can purchase at the time of buying the program or at a later date)    
Upgrade to 3 Months Email Support $30.00
NEW - 20 minute Skype or Face-TIme Support with Stewart. Please email or call us to arange a time for the video call. $40.00
NEW - 40 minute Skype or Face-Time Support with Stewart. Please email or call us to arange a time for the video call. $75.00
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If you don't like using your credit card over the Internet, you can always send us a cheque (Australia only) made out to Breathe Easy Therapies. The address is at the bottom of the page. Don't forget to let us know your email or physical address so that we can send the program to you.

P.S. The Breathe Easy program details everything that you need to know to overcome your ectopic heartbeat and I am confident that your life will be back to normal before you know it! With knowledge comes the power to change.

P.P.S. Where else can you get your hands on such specific and well-researched information for such a low cost?

P.P.P.S. Don't waste your precious time - remember it took me a number of years of struggling with my ectopic heartbeat to discover this vital information, and I am thankful for every day of my life that I have claimed back since.


Still Not Sure?

Maybe you think that this program is for you but are nervous about buying from someone you have never met? No problems - As I have said, give me a call or email me with your comments or questions. I will be happy to discuss them with you, just send me a message.

Send an eMail to Stewart

You can even email me just to share your story. Just doing this can be liberating because you know you aren't on your own.

If you are going to call from outside of Australia, please note the local time here :-) Please call between 9am & 5pm.

Hervey Bay, QLD


Important Note: If you have an underlying history of heart disease then your irregular heartbeat may be a symptom of something outside the scope of this program. You must have already consulted your local doctor and/or heart specialist and be satisfied that your condition is not life-threatening and that breathing exercises will not prejudice your current condition before attempting the breathing exercises contained in this program. If your palpitations are accompanied by fainting, lightheadedness or chest pain, you should seek urgent medical help.

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