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In only 3 sessions of Bowen Therapy you can be relieved of most annoying or chronic health problems

I must admit that this sounds too good to be true. I too was skeptical about what Bowen Therapy could do for me – that is, until I tried it.

I had been suffering from debilitating lower back pain for a number of years but I found myself living with it. Most of the time I was OK but if I was bent over for too long or picked up anything heavy I found myself in a great deal of pain.

The last straw for me was that I wasn’t able to pick up and hold my growing sons without wincing.

I tried my local GP but all he had to offer were anti-inflammatories and analgesics. I knew that these would mask the symptoms of my problem but they didn’t address the cause. It was obvious that after I stopped taking them, the pain would return.

Next came the chiropractor, then the deep muscle masseur then the osteopath but all I was getting out of them was short-term relief. I would find myself visiting them time after time, week after week. Whilst these treatments were drug-free (an important factor for me), they weren’t giving me the long-term relief that I was looking for.

The amazing effects of Bowen Therapy

Picture of StewartMy name is Stewart Gatenby and I want to introduce you to the remarkable modality that is Bowen Therapy.

In 1999 I visited the Mind, Body, Spirit festival and discovered Bowen Therapy. Out of all the other healing modalities there, I was really drawn to the Bowen stand. I knew there and then that I had to give it a try.

I must admit that during the first treatment and directly afterwards I wondered whether this was yet more wasted money, as I didn’t feel any better. Still, with my instructions for post-treatment care in hand, I headed home with an open mind.

The next morning I woke up and felt somehow different. I was moving more freely and I felt lighter. On the second morning I felt wonderful and I was able to do all the things that I should have been able to take for granted but hadn’t been able to; like holding my children in my arms, gardening, reaching up, even sitting for long periods without feeling stiff afterwards. The relief was liberating. That was when I knew that I had to learn this wonderful skill.

What is Bowen Therapy?

Bowen Therapy was developed between the 1950's and the early 1980's by Mr Tom Bowen of Geelong, Victoria. He was completely self-taught and yet came up with one of the most remarkable healing modalities in the world today.

During a session, the Bowen Therapist performs a series of rolling movements over various muscles, tendons and nerve groups. These are made in groups, with a two minute wait between each group. The moves are usually made with the fingers or thumbs but one or two of the deeper moves are made with the elbow. Having said that, a Bowen Treatment is very gentle and can be performed on anyone from babies to the elderly. Indeed, I performed Bowen on my youngest son when he was less than a minute old. He was delivered as a full breech baby and I was concerned about his breathing and his hips. I'm happy to say that these weren't a problem to him then or since.

Even with it's gentleness and simplicity, Bowen Therapy is amazingly effective against practically any health problem. The average number of treatments needed is three, although some more deep-rooted problems may require more. Compare this to almost any other natural therapy and you can see what a wonderful legacy Mr Tom Bowen left us.

How can something so simple be so effective?

Whilst it is true that no-one yet knows exactly how Bowen Therapy works, there is one thing for certain, which is that it does work! There have been many theories over the years as to how a few targeted cross-fibre moves can facilitate the healing of so many illnesses.

I have my own theory, which comes from my first instructor who would continually tell his students that the moves sent messages to the brain The brain would be then be re-set and able to start the healing necessary to overcome the illness.

It took me a while to accept this, but once I had put it into my own “medical model” then it made sense.

Our bodies don’t want to be ill or injured. If we cut ourselves, the wound will heal. Broken bones will fuse back together. If we get a virus, our bodies produce antibodies to fight it. So why do we sometimes hold onto illnesses?

We have a region of our brain called the hypothalamus. This region is responsible for regulation of the body and maintaining homeostasis. Homeostasis is a state of remaining the same. In other words, it keeps the internal status quo.

The problem is that sometimes the hypothalamus doesn’t realize that the state that it is keeping is one of illness and it will resist attempts to alter it. I believe that Bowen Therapy resets this region through subtle messages sent via the many nerve bundles during the treatment. Once reset, the body can go ahead and start to heal itself.

Testimonial of Bruce Beet of Ferntree Gully, Vic.

Bruce Beet"I jarred my left hand and wrist quite badly in early 2002 and subsequently the swelling that developed on top of the hand became a major concern. My doctor prescribed anti-inflammatory medication for the swelling and pain but this had no effect.

I was referred on to an orthopaedic surgeon who amended the original diagnosis, of osteoarthritis, to inflammatory arthritis, a degenerative disease. Three specialists are currently conferring, regarding possible future surgery, which I would prefer to avoid.

Bowen Therapy came to my attention through a TV programme ‘Second Opinion’ and it impressed me. After my first treatment, I didn't need painkillers the next day, nor since. I have now had four treatments. The pain reduced in intensity and has continued to reduce ever since. The feeling of paralysis went away during the first week. It has not returned.

After the third treatment, my wrist movement improved and has been less painful and better mobility followed the fourth treatment. There are many times when I am almost able to forget the wrist problem exists.

I intend continuing with the treatment. It has been a revelation to me and I am grateful for the help given by Stewart Gatenby."

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Why should I use Bowen Therapy?

Like most people coming to this website, you are probably seeking information and help for an existing, often debilitating condition. A condition, that more often that not, has already been diagnosed and treated by a recognized Medical Professional.

It is quite likely you have consulted with several Medical Professionals, often from different medical disciplines and possibly undergone one or more medical procedures and medications. We in Australia enjoy one of the worlds best western medical systems, yet there are many people who suffer daily. These people are more than likely enduring pain and who through some physical limitation do not have a full range of body motion.

Often people suffering from pain and discomfort have tried other 'alternative techniques', sometimes with some short-term success, more often without achieving satisfaction and relief from their pain and symptoms. I was one of these people.

So Now Comes Bowen Therapy.

We know Bowen Therapy to be:

  • Exceptionally Safe, with few, if any, (mild) side effects, lasting more than a day or so;
  • Very Gentle, with no manipulative forces or pressures being used;
  • Highly Effective at relieving pain and discomfort across a wide range of conditions;
  • Fast acting, with results typically seen in just a few sessions;
  • Simple, holistic and Deeply Relaxing;
  • Cost Effective because it typically gets results, quickly;
  • It's not physically demanding on the therapist, which allows the focus to be on you and your condition(s).

Only you can decide if Bowen Therapy is appropriate for you and your particular circumstance.

Our Clinic

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Case Studies

Menstrual problems
Jane Burnett came to me complaining of painful, irregular and heavy periods. Irritability and bloating were also a problem.

We discussed a treatment plan of four treatments one week apart. After the first week, she reported feeling generally better from things that we hadn’t even discussed, such as a state of anxiety and general shortness of temper towards her young son.

At the end of the treatment program, she had experienced a period but for the first time that she could remember, she hadn’t noticed it coming. It was also less heavy and caused fewer side-effects.

As time went on she was able to map out a regular 28 day cycle. She also noticed that the associated pain, bloating and irritability were a thing of the past. In fact it wasn't Jane who had noticed the drop in irritability, it was her mother who was so surprised with the change that she felt that she had to point it out to her.

Frozen Shoulder
76 year old Joan Hampton suffered a torn a tendon in her right shoulder after a fall. She consulted an orthopaedic surgeon who then operated on her shoulder. After several follow-up visits, he told her that the shoulder joint would be painful and may take many weeks to heal. Joan was caring for her disabled husband at the time and the restriction in her shoulder almost made this impossible.

When she came to see me, she could only lift her arm out sideways to about 45 degrees. At the start of the second session, she was very happy to show me that she could now lift her arm to about 80 degrees. After four sessions she could lift it to 110 degrees.

As she explained to me, it wasn't just the extra movement that she had gaines but a freedom of pain and increase in strength to the point where she could manage all of her daily tasks to almost full capacity.

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I am committed to being flexible and offering you the opportunity to book an appointment at a time convenient to you.

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