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Consultations... commonly called a balance

Ask anyone who has experienced a ‘balance’ and you will undoubtedly get a “wow” response.

The initial consultation is normally 90 min duration.

  • Susan giving a balanceThe first consultation includes time for your story. Ever been to a practitioner who just didn’t listen? Not here! Your story is vital information.
  • Next we usually ask you to lie on the massage table. This is normally the most comfortable position for clients, though the treatment can also be given seated or standing. Seated is usually more comfortable for pregnant ladies or people who prefer not to lie down. Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to take off your shoes.
  • Initial muscle testing ensures that the bio-feedback circuit from your muscles to the brain and visa-versa is working and accurate. Muscle testing is non-invasive and doesn’t hurt. We have used muscle testing directly with 3 year olds right up to 90 year olds. For young children we normally work with Mum or Dad, but all kids are different and often unpredictable so it's best to wait and see how your child responds to your practitioner.
  • From then on it is a unique process. As every person is different, so are your healing needs. The process ensures you know what you want and you have the right attitude to achieve it. We deal with the issues of accepting change, being determined to make the changes and clearing any blocks or sabotage belief systems that have prevented you healing in the past.
Your healing may be for:
  • past stress - stuff you want to let go of, but it just keeps on affecting you
  • current stress - what is happening right now eg pain stress anxiety
  • future stress - what you are fearful of happening, that keeps on bothering you.

Picture of a flower Some of the different healing we use includes:

  • Massage of specific acupressure points on the body.
  • Correcting muscle and joint imbalance
  • Releasing emotions and situations that keep us locked in pain
  • Brain integration techniques
  • Correcting areas of nutritional deficiency.
  • Identifying areas of toxic overload.
  • Using creative visualisations to release stress
  • Overcoming self-sabotage to allow healing to occur

This list is not exhaustive and the healing process can be sometimes creative and surprising.

  • We always summarise the session … finding any support you need to make these changes happen and look at when you will have a follow-up.
  • The follow-up sessions are based on your individual healing requirements and are one hour in length. It is a good idea to return in at least one month's time, so that together we can monitor your situation and ensure you receive the changes you were looking for.

Planning your time and your finances is an important part of the healing process. A good guide is to expect 3 sessions over 6 - 12 weeks.

Appointments are available with Susan on Wednesdays and Fridays. Alison is available on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
Just call or email and suggest the most suitable time for you.

Susan Alison
Susan Alison


What are you waiting for? Take your first step to a healthier happier you. Call us on 4128 4331

Susan is a Registered Specialised Kinesiologist with the Australian Kinesiology Association and has earned a Graduate Diploma in Kinesiopractic® through the ICPKP and has earned a Graduate Diploma in Kinesiopractic® through the Kinesiology Centre of South Eastern Melbourne Narre Warren Campus

Alison has attained her Certificate IV in Kinesiology and is well on the way to completing her Diploma of Kinesiology studies with Kinesiology Schools Australia Hervey Bay campus.


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